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Wedge Anchor BZ-IG A4 Through-Fastening (A4-316)

Stainless steel A4/316; with screw and washer

For through-fastening


The Wedge Anchor BZ-IG A4 is the first European approved internal threaded anchor system, which can be installed in normal drill holes without prior undercut - no special drilling tool is required. The coating of the expansion cone with durable, heat resistant heat shrink tube is a patented invention of MKT to prevent cold welding of stainless steel material and provide the right friction between expansion cone and expansion sleeve for the life time of the fixing, not only at the time of installation; a condition for reliable crack-tested anchors. Also supplied with coated hexagon screws to prevent galling and to allow easy removal. The anchor is shock approved.

Safey railings, chairs in sports arenas, facade substructures, structural steel, suspensions and all kinds temporary outside fastenings.

Range of concrete quality: C20/25 - C50/60


Installation of MKT BZ-IG A4 Wedge Anchor (Through-fastening)

1. Drill to specified diameter and depth.
2. Clean the hole with blow-out bulb.
3. Install the anchor using the setting tool for through-fastening .
4. Screw in the bolt and use a torque wrench to apply a
required tightening torque. Refer to approvals and
schedules for design and building code compliance.


Setting Tool
for Wedge Anchor BZ-IG A4 - through fastening

Item No

2022106000 BZ-IGS M 6D


2022110000 BZ-IGS M 10D
2022112000 BZ-IGS M 12D