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Wedge Anchor B-IG (A4/316 Stainless Steel)

A4/316 Stainless steel

Stainless steel A4/316

With internal thread


The Wedge Anchor B-IG is the internally threaded version of the European approved Wedge Anchor B. It can be installed in normal drill holes without a setting tool. Expansion is achieved by tightening the screw. The fixture can easily be removed. Smaller anchor spacings and edge distances than with drop-in anchors.

Medium duty anchorings where the use of an internal thread is required and/or anchor spacings and edge distances are smaller than those needed for drop-in anchors: suspensions, fastening of flat steel structures, ducts, ventilation systems, railings.

Range of concrete quality: C20/25 - C50/60



Installation of MKT B-IG Wedge Anchor

1. Drill to specified diameter and depth.
2. Clean the hole with blow-out bulb.
3. Install anchor using proper setting tool.
4. Install fixture and tighten anchor to specified torque. Refer to approval and listing for design and building code compliance.