保華五金有限公司擁有超過三十年的經驗, 為了迎合建築和建造市場的需求,本公司致力提供多種類緊固件產品如六角頭螺絲, 絲杆, 絲母, 介子, 拉爆螺絲和鋼結構螺絲, 以及不同檔次和規格的鋼與不銹鋼產品. 主要材質包括8.8 / 10.9拉力鋼及A2-70/ A4-70/ A4-80不銹鋼。


保持產品質量和服務是本公司的宗旨,保華更專注開發自家品牌J.A.M. (ISO 9001 : 2015), J.A.M. 擁有專業的標準產品,如建築六角螺絲,拉爆螺絲,平爆,型號JAM-S, JAM-SH, JAM-W拉爆螺絲和JAM-J 膨脹塑膠塞更是J.A.M.的註冊專利產品, 以滿足不同的市場需求和應用. 保華承諾本公司的產品是安全,經濟,有競爭力,及符合國際標準。三十多年來,我們已經成功地獲得香港多個工作許可,從公共至私營部門,如香港房屋署,屋宇署,香港地鐵及前九廣鐵路。


此外,為滿足世界各地的海外客戶的需求。我們更引進國際緊固件品牌如英國箸名 Tension Control Bolts (TCB), TCB擁有最新張力控制螺絲技術 (斷尾鏍絲). 因為使用輕型扭剪型電動扳手配合該張力控制螺絲是省時,易於安裝,從而大大降低安裝成本. TCBs漸漸取代傳統的高強度摩擦握螺栓和鉚釘錘. 高強度 TCBs 可用於廣泛範圍從橋樑拼接板到柱連接,場館屋頂桁架, 鐵路道岔和道路交叉口。 該組合具有優良的抗拉強度以及驚人的韌性導致普遍的螺絲可使用於所有鋼結構連接。 TCB 更使用獨有符合環保要求的Greenkote ® 耐腐蝕金屬塗層技術生產螺絲, 相當於鍍鋅但不產生任何固體, 液體或氣體等有毒廢物, 如鉻,鎘,酸,氰化物,氯化物等。 而保華更提供其他國際緊固件品牌如德國曼卡特MKT(重型拉爆螺絲) , LIEBLG (六十年安全重型螺絲) 和 ALLFA(專業塑膠塞) 以迎合不同客戶需要。


High Quality Warehouse Management Service


We own warehouses acquired more than 26,000 sq. ft. of land area in total, located in Mongkok, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long. High-quality warehouse management service that our company provided is the key strategies to achieve high efficiency. We endeavor to assure a punctual and smooth delivery to anywhere in Hong Kong.



UK brand

Tension Control BoltsTension Control Bolts
Innovative Shear Wrench system are the lowest cost method of properly installing High Strength Friction Grip/Pre-loaded Bolts. They are commonly know throughout the world and replacing conventional high strength friction grip bolts and swaged collar rivets simply because they are quick and easy to install using lightweight Electric Shear Wrenches. Guaranteed tension together with visual inspection removes the likelihood of operator error and ensures engineers that connections are tightened in accordance with specifications. TCB have built a new innovative diffusion coating plant incorporating the very latest technology for the coating of their bolts, nuts and washers. The process is a Thermo-Chemical Surface Modification (TCSM) and can be used for various metals, alloys, sintered ferrous-based materials, grey iron & cast iron. TCSM production process (Greenkote®) is totally environment friendly. Unlike conventional coatings, Greenkote® does not produce any solid, liquid or gaseous toxic wastes. The process is also free of chrome, cadmium, acids, cyanides and chlorides


German brands

Manufacturer specializing in heavy duty anchor systems.
Expert in the anchor field with more than 60 years experience.
Specialist in plastic anchors.