Creativity in Fastening

Po Wah Metal Co., Ltd. has over 30 years experience in fastening and fixing products from light duty anchors to heavy duty fixing systems. In order to meet the different requirements in construction, building material sectors and domestic markets, different grades and specifications of steel and stainless steel products are also available.


We strongly believe the quality and service is the most important issues to our clients. Po Wah also focused on developing its own brand J.A.M. (ISO 9001 : 2015), with professional standard in building products such as hexagonal bolts, wedge anchors, drop in anchors and sleeve anchors in order to fulfill different market needs and applications. Furthermore, J.A.M. has the certificate of registration of design for JAM-S Anchor Bolt, JAM-SH Anchor Bolt, JAM- W Anchor Bolt and JAM-J Expansion Plug. We are confident our products are safe, economical, competitive, and in compliance with international standards. Over the years, we have successfully obtained job approvals from both public and private sectors such as Hong Kong Housing Department, Buildings Department, MTR Corporation and KCRC.


We source high performance products from overseas to satisfy worldwide customer needs. Today, we are the Hong Kong sole agent of the following worldwide brands:


High Quality Warehouse Management Service


We own warehouses acquired more than 26,000 sq. ft. of land area in total, located in Mongkok, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long. High-quality warehouse management service that our company provided is the key strategies to achieve high efficiency. We endeavor to assure a punctual and smooth delivery to anywhere in Hong Kong.



UK brand

Tension Control BoltsTension Control Bolts
Innovative Shear Wrench system are the lowest cost method of properly installing High Strength Friction Grip/Pre-loaded Bolts. They are commonly know throughout the world and replacing conventional high strength friction grip bolts and swaged collar rivets simply because they are quick and easy to install using lightweight Electric Shear Wrenches. Guaranteed tension together with visual inspection removes the likelihood of operator error and ensures engineers that connections are tightened in accordance with specifications. TCB have built a new innovative diffusion coating plant incorporating the very latest technology for the coating of their bolts, nuts and washers. The process is a Thermo-Chemical Surface Modification (TCSM) and can be used for various metals, alloys, sintered ferrous-based materials, grey iron & cast iron. TCSM production process (Greenkote®) is totally environment friendly. Unlike conventional coatings, Greenkote® does not produce any solid, liquid or gaseous toxic wastes. The process is also free of chrome, cadmium, acids, cyanides and chlorides.


German brands

Manufacturer specializing in heavy duty anchor systems.
Expert in the anchor field with more than 60 years experience.
Specialist in plastic anchors.